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HARVESTER Version 6.0 Options

HARVESTER Version 6.0 can be operated in two configurations: as a standalone system or as a fully network enabled application with a multi-user capability. In the former configuration, both server and client are installed onthe same machine, while the latter configuration will require a separate server and at least one client PC. Both configurations are built on Oracle MySQL architecture, however while we recommend MySQL Community Edition for Standard Version users, we recommend MySQL Enterprise Edition for professional users.

The HARVESTER Version 6.0 client requires approximately 49 MB of hard disk space to install. In addition to this, MySQL will require between 500 MB and 1.2GB of disk space (depending on the version installed). Additionally, we recommend at least an initial 5 GB of free disk space to accommodate natural database growth and for the storing of intercept associated files.

Please note that users are responsible for providing and installing MySQL, as well as setting up database users and securing database by installing patches and implementing security recommendations as recommended by Oracle.

Standalone Options
This configuration will suit most users and radio enthusiasts and makes use of the benefits of MySQL architecture to provide a fast and robust database. MySQL Community Edition is especially suited to this configuration, avoiding both system and processor overheads while gaining all the benefits of a professional database.

Software Options:
  Harvester Version 6.0 Lite Edition
  Harvester Version 6.0 Single Client Edition

Minimum Suggested Requirements:
Server/Client Microsoft Windows 7 or 10
  MySQL 5.7 Community Edition or above
  Disk Space 500 MB plus initial 5 GB for database
Networked Options
The networked option will suit more advanced and professional users who require collection to be simultaneously performed by a number of collectors at different intercept positions. Again making full use of MySQL architecture to provide a robust collection and storage platform, it is recommended that network configuration installations use the MySQL Enterprise Edition to avoid tablespace and connection limitations imposed in the Community edition. There are an unlimited number of users though each client connecting to the database over your TCP/IP LAN will require a separate software licence.

Software Options:
  Harvester Version 6.0 Standard Edition
  Harvester Version 6.0 Professional Edition

Minimum Suggested Requirements:
Server Any suitable Windows, Linux or Solaris server O/S
  MySQL 5.7 Enterprise Edition or above
  Network Card
  Disk Space 500 to 800 MB plus initial 5 GB for database
Client Microsoft Windows 7 or 10
  Network Card
  Disk Space 10 MB

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