signals intelligence (SIGINT): 1. A category of intelligence comprising, either individually or in combination, all communications intelligence, electronics intelligence, and foreign instrumentation signals intelligence, however transmitted. [JP 1-02] 2. Intelligence derived from communications, electronics, and foreign instrumentation signals. [JP 1-02]
Following the successes of HARVESTER for MySQL in 2018, we are delighted to be re-introducing HARVESTER for MS SQL. HARVESTER Version 6.2 now runs on both MySQL and MS SQL.

Now offering multi-database compatibility, HARVESTER Version 6.2 represents the latest in a long line of system developments, carried out in consultation with both professional and amateur collectors. HARVESTER Version 6.2 is also the first release that consolidates all previous features into a single network-enabled application and provides unlimited client connections. W
e are proud to say that HARVESTER Version 6.2 is the best version yet and available to download here. Completely redesigned, built on .NET technology and running on professional database architecture, this version promises to meet all the requirements users have been missing out on.

Building on the huge successes of previous editions, HARVESTER Version 6.2 continues to provide users with a vast array of signals intelligence gathering tools while offering far more comprehensive functionality to cope with today's dynamic signals collection environments. HARVESTER really has just got better.

In a rapidly changing world where major events impact on all our lives, you need to keep one-step ahead of the news. Signals Intelligence can give you that edge but valuable time can be lost sorting, storing and searching through collected intelligence. HARVESTER provides a wide range of collection tools built upon a frequency and net-centric infrastructure allowing easy consolidation of intelligence.

The HARVESTER SIGINT database application provide unique and cost-effective solutions to a wide range of collection requirements. From a
TCP/IP network enabled multi-user collection environment to the standalone radio enthusiast, HARVESTER provides real-time solutions for all COMINT, ELINT or FISINT signal intercepted between 0 Hz to 100 GHz.

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