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Reviews and Comments

Our special thanks goes to John Catalano of Monitoring Times' Computers and Radio column for his recent review of Harvester in the July and August 2005 editions. Here are a few of the comments that John made about Harvester:

"Harvester's uniqueness lies in its capabilities to store and search vast amounts of data using complex search methods.

Harvester's structure is similar to an onion. Every top layer of information reveals a higher degree of detailed data. And it just keeps going.

Harvester is the most complete and detailed radio monitoring database I have ever used. It is an ambitious, carefully conceived and well-bahaved database program. As a standalone monitoring logging database, you cannot find better, perhaps at any price."

And here are just some the comments expressed by Harvester users from around the world:

Earlier Versions of Harvester:

"The program is awesome and very detailed, have not seen such an information gathering system since the 1960's!"
DT, Arizona, USA

"I was so impressed with the demo and manual, I bought it immediately. Many thanks"
JC, Oregon, USA

"Thanks for a great program. I am having a lot of fun experimenting with it. There is nothing else like it available to the general public."
CD, Colorado, USA

"I've been looking for software with this kind of functionality for quite a while. You aren't some super secret covert operation run by GCHQ/NSA are you?"
JD, United Kingdom

"This is the best program I've seen outside of the Intelligence Community."
Carlos Lopez, Baltimore, USA

New Harvester Version 6:

"I've been waiting so long for the next version but it was so worth the wait."
PS, Schenectady, USA

"I really like the new look and new functionality and running on MySQL is so much better."
IM, Doncaster, UK


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