signals intelligence (SIGINT): 1. A category of intelligence comprising, either individually or in combination, all communications intelligence, electronics intelligence, and foreign instrumentation signals intelligence, however transmitted. [JP 1-02] 2. Intelligence derived from communications, electronics, and foreign instrumentation signals. [JP 1-02]

Support is currently provided free of charge to all registered HARVESTER customers. In the event that you encounter any problems when using HARVESTER, please make detailed notes of the error, what you were doing when it occurred and any error messages that are displayed, and email it to the Helpdesk Support Team. We will usually respond within 24 hours with a solution. Should the problem require more than a simple fix, we will develop an upgrade and notify all registered users that it should be applied. We no longer support previous versions of HARVESTER however if you have a previous version of HARVESTER and wish to upgrade to the current version, please contact us.

HARVESTER Newsletter
Why not keep up-to-date with the latest news, projects, developments and updates with the HARVESTER newsletter. The newsletter is free to all registered HARVESTER customers. To subscribe, simply send a blank email to News including the word 'subscribe' and your Installation ID in the subject line.

System Developments
HARVESTER has been designed to meet the general needs of most users, however, this application is dynamic and continues to evolve. If you have an idea for a system improvement or enhancement or you would like additional data fields added then please contact the Development Team with your ideas.

Support Documents

Document Name: Document Size
HARVESTER Version 6 User Manual 2.16 MB
Installing Microsoft SQL Server 726 kB
Installing MySQL 726 kB
Installing MySQL (Version 8.0) 869 kB

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